For the love of Jeeps , and the jeep life, jeep family. We’ve blended our passion of them with our hometown lure of being Home of The Walking Dead, because lets face it.. If their was to be a Zombie Apocalypse, We would want a Jeep to take us places, and back without fear of getting stuck or being bitten. So We WELCOME you to ZOMBIE CRAWLERS a jeep club for everyone, We don’t allow the drama that other clubs or groups allow, and it is an open platform where there are NO stupid questions , we’re here to help educate and learn those wanting to learn. Someone needs to be willing to take the time to do so , to put that knowledge of beginners out on the trails so less accidents hopefully happen, as well as better understanding of TREAD LIGHTLY practices are implemented. Without preservation, public lands will continue to close down, leaving us with a hunger for a hobby we cannot fulfill. We will entertain and excite with parking lot parties all the way to Rock Crawling and everything in between. Our passion keeps us busy on many aspects, and we LOVE to give back to our communities as well,, so we’re going 501c status to hopefully make a bigger impact in helping areas around us, as well as other people around us.

We do have a lesser known side , a more serious side, that thankfully doesn’t get deployed very often. We also run ZOMBIE CRAWLERS E.D.I.R.T. ( Emergency and Disaster Initiated Response Team). not for the faint of heart, and we deploy volunteers to assist in any crisis we feel we can assist with.. Flooding, Search Parties, vehicle or animal recoveries, you need help.. we will do our best. Jeeps are very capable rigs, often easily maneuverable where trucks cannot get to. We generally have the GEAR equipped to winch things back to safety , light up the night skies and land , or traverse obstacles to get within reach of something or someone important.


Our Practice

Planning events, Educating new Jeepers, and practicing safety , as well as land stewardship. Keeping people safe, TREAD LIGHTLY principles, and preserving public land use, as well as helping out communities where and when we can.

This pict taken in one of our favorite areas, IT IS PRIVATE land ,, shortly after a trip last year doing some major cleanup to this trail.. OTHER persons with mischievous intent, vandalized the rigging on the property and could have caused some serious injuries or worse to people down below.. The private land owner restricted the property , closed it down off limits to EVERYONE! Shown here in this picture we described the IMPORTANCE of respecting private and public properties, to keep places like this open for long duration, allowing us to enjoy our hobby. It took time, and work, to convince the land owner to allow Jeep useage to the trails here and enjoy this overlook once again.

IT only takes ONE person, one incident , or one ACCIDENT, to permanently shut down land use. Doing the right things over and over again before that one occurrence weighs little when that one thing finally happens. We’re very fortunate nobody got injured , and more fortunate the land owner removed the restrictions for us.

LEAVE it better than you found it for the next guy, Take it in, Pack it out. TREAD LIGHTLY, use common sense. The rest of the world will be a better place if we all live by these easy principles.


Thanks for checking out our site, please check back often as we are going to be under construction frequently , adding all kinds of NEWS of our group, pictures, event planning, etc.



Turning fun into education!

this trip was exciting and fun, a slight mechanical mishap turned into educational excitement , teaching new Jeepers how to winch safely ! turning a little embarrassment into something VERY positive for others.. We’re glad slight mishaps sometimes occur!