This private Jeep club is based out of Cynthiana, KY. "Home of The Walking Dead" and it’s creator Robert Kirkman, and original artist to the comic Tony Moore. THIS is Where it all started . Your Jeep does NOT need to be zombie themed, but we may revolve activities around them, or at least of things around our small town. We are all fellow Jeepers above all. It doesn't matter what model jeep you have, your a part of a long lived brotherhood that separates you from the others, since 1941.

Let's keep it respectful amongst model variations and we can all thrive just fine.. of course casual banter on some models is to be expected ;) However let's keep the drama to those other clubs and not in ours... We're a Family Friendly group , intended to lift each other up. From newbies to experienced off roaders we try to offer something for EVERYONE!

We are based out of Cynthiana , Ky and would like to say we’re the BEST Jeep Club in the area, as well as one of the largest. We also reach far and wide with members all across this great nation and beyond.

We have applied for our club to have 501c status so we can further assist other charitable benefits and organizations. Part of our mission is land management, being active stewarts of our environment, with safety and education for beginners and next generation off roaders at top of our experiences.

If you have ? regarding anything please feel free to click on our contact us tab .

Cynthiana, Ky 41031